Our Organic Standards

100% Natural & Organic

Cleopatra used shea butter, and there is mention of caravans of clay jars filled with shea butter for her use. It’s also said that shea was beloved by the Queen of Sheba and Nefertiti.

- Essence Magazine


We take our presence in the natural body cosmetics world very seriously and will not use any ingredients that have not been approved and certified by Soil Association Organic.

Our products come from healthy soil, grown naturally without artificial assistance. We are committed to keeping our consumers healthy and therefore do not use plastic containers, reducing the likeliness of toxins from warm plastic leaking into our products, causing contamination.
We also, have a duty to care for our planet and therefore offer refills at a lower cost to encourage our consumers to wash and reuse the same container first purchased, if ordering the same product. 
Choosing 100% unrefined, natural organic products promotes and encourages farmers to choose natural growth.  No additives, no intense farming, and no chemicals
In farming, the Soil Association goes wider than setting and certifying organic standards. They also work with farmers, businesses and community initiatives to put these ambitions into practice. They offer training, technical guidance and knowledge sharing events to help all farmers, organic or otherwise, to share and develop practices that are better for the environment and their businesses. In addition, they influence policy, grounding their campaigns in this practical experience.