Avacado & Lime

Avocado & Lime Shea Butter is a miracle working breakthrough for skin. It consists of unsaturated fats, proteins and it has omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fish oil.
Avocado oil is packed with antioxidant and sterolin. While antioxidants make the skin supple, sterolin helps to soften the skin and aids as anti-aging.
Avocado Shea Butter is a boon for dry skin; it decreases the inflammation and itching (which may be caused by insect bites) of the skin. It has has soothing components, which is beneficial for extremely dry skin and gives relief from eczema. Rub the butter on the affected areas once a day

Lime oil properties include antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and astringent activities among others. It has a rich source of natural antioxidants and beneficial nutrients which give the oil many health benefits, such as possessing excellent antibacterial qualities, so can be applied to minor wounds, scrapes, burns and bug bites to speed up the healing process and prevent harmful bacteria from taking hold.
The Lime in our product also has effective antiviral abilities which can protect against the type of common viruses that lead to colds and influenza.

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