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Welcome To Shea Goodness!

We at Shea Goodness began by evaluating the products we use on our skin and what substances enter our bodies through the pores of the skin.
Many products on the market have chemical ingredients added to it.
These chemicals can be very harmful to our bodies.  There are many ways a chemical can enter in to your bloodstream and one of them is through your pores.
For this reason, we decided to create products that can by choice be used within and without.

We are a UK based company with a presence in Ghana supporting the world.  Our passionate belief is;


Shea Goodness believe in only using the best ingredients, produced from good soil, grown and harvested naturally.  We ensure every effort is made to create our products without reducing its natural elements of goodness.  

We are humanitarians that strongly believe in supporting the well-being of mankind and it’s habitat.  For this reason a percentage of all profits go toward supporting community and charity organisations such as:

‘Go-M. A. D. Outreach’ –  (Go Make A Difference Outreach) support and helps the homeless to live a more fulfilling life, aiding them in many ways, giving them hope for the future.

‘MOVING FORWARD’ – Moving Forward helps women after receiving treatment for breast cancer, They also help anyone who has experienced hair loss after chemotherapy.  Our product can bring life to dead skin and boost hair follicles when massaged.

At Shea Goodness, we are committed to helping mankind by finding ways to preserve our natural habitation.  “Each one, teach one” is our concept, for, without knowledge, we perish. Our bodies are sacred and should be treated as such by applying natural organic goodness.
Shea Goodness makes a promise of unconditional guaranteed quality to our consumers. Our artisan products use only the finest ingredients approved as Organic Standard by Soil Association, offering superior formulations that deliver the best results at affordable prices.

Our organic standards

We take our presence in the natural body cosmetics world very seriously and will not use any ingredients that have not been approved and certified by Soil Association as Organic.

Our products come from healthy soil, grown naturally without artificial assistance. We are committed to keeping our consumers healthy and therefore do not use plastic…
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