Avocado & Lime Shea Butter


Shea Butter Avocado & Lime is uniquely rich in Chlorophyll, bringing about the appearance of brighter looking skin, especially great for sensitive skin. Containing antiseptic properties, this product can cure infections on the the skin and wounds.  Also known to cool body temperature and restore bodily organs.



Shea Butter Avocado & Lime, is found to be effective in smoothing the skins stature, as it is filled with monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.  This enables a silky skin tone. It cleans and tones the skin, restores balance to your skin as a tonic.

Shea Butter Avocado & Lime has a wonderful rich scent and is kind to sensitive skin, preventing dryness, cracks and peals. Containing antiseptic properties, this product can be a healing agent for external sores, cuts, blister and burns.

This all natural and organic product may assist with curing infectious skin and wounds, can assist in cooling the body temperature and give a boost to the immune system to help prevent afflictions such as influenza when used daily.  This product produces younger looking, healthy radiant skin appearance.



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