Our Shea Butter

We at Shea Goodness take pride in our products and promise to deliver the best quality shea butter.  100% Raw, Unrefined Organic Grade A Shea Butter certified by Soil Association.
The place of origin being Ghana, shea butter is produced from the finest nuts from African shea trees.  Its color varies from shades of yellow to ivory when raw and becomes whiter the more it is processed.  For this reason, we prefer to stay closer to the deeper ivory, yellowish color.
Shea Goodness guarantees the authenticity of our shea butter, which is raw, unrefined, natural, pure and rich in Vitamin A, E, F & K.
If you desire the full benefits of shea butter and all its rich vitamins, look no further.
Choose our 100% pure unrefined organic shea butter. which goes through no form of chemical or artificial processing, coming straight from the tree, not prematurely picked, dried by natural sun rays, manually harvested, crushed and boiled until fresh oil is produced for Shea Goodness.