Feed Your Skin

Our organic shea butter is naturally rich in;

  • Vitamin AHas soothing and hydrating properties that promote healthy skin.  collagen, preventing premature aging of the skin. It is a healing ingredient that helps to treat acne and stretch marks. Vitamin A also helps to gradually erase blemishes and treats eczema, psoriasis, as well as having wonderful skin regenerating properties with moisture-sealing capabilities that keep the skin looking beautiful.
  • Vitamin E – Balances and normalizes the skin keeping the skin clear and healthy.  A powerful antioxidant that can also be taken orally by choice and applied externally, vitamin E often referred to as the ‘beauty vitamin’ due to its extraordinary beautifying properties.  Also, fights of free radicals that accelerate wrinkles and fine lines deeply moisturizing the skin to bring back the softness to leathery and rough skin.  Speeds up scar healing, helps prevent and fade away stretch marks, rejuvenates mature skin and so much more.
  • Vitamin F – Acts as a skin protector, revitalizes dry and damaged skin or hair.  Often referred to as a fatty acid, vitamin F is our star reason for creating organic shea butter products, as it has excellent emollients that seal moisture in to dry skin keeping it smooth and soft.  It also forms an over skin protective layer, preventing microbes and irritants from coming in to contact with the skin, causing aggravation.  This fatty acid is great for the soothing of painful inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.  This also heals bug bites, skin rashes, inflamed acne or pimples.
  • Vitamin K – Is used to treat spider veins, rosacea, skin bruising, under eye circles, stretch marks, and minor burns.  It also promotes younger looking skin, helping to renew damaged and old skin cells, promoting healthy and glowing skin.

If you desire the full benefits of shea butter and all its rich vitamins, look no further.  Choose our 100% pure unrefined organic shea butter. which goes through no form of chemical or artificial processing, coming straight from the tree, not prematurely picked, dried by natural sun rays, manually harvested, crushed and boiled until fresh oil is produced for Shea Goodness.