Lemongrass Lip Love



Great for refreshing lips!  Our Shea Butter Lemongrass Lip Love will leave your lips feeling, moisturized, nourished and healthy, having protection against stripping, pealing and cold sores. Hosts a beautifully fresh lemony aroma.


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Lip Love Shea Butters are found to be effective in smoothing the lips stature, as they are filled with monounsaturated fatty acids and multi vitamins.  This enables a silky skin tone on the lips. It cleans and tones the skin, restores balance to your lips as a tonic.

Lip Love Shea Butters have wonderful rich scents and are kind to sensitive skin, preventing dryness, cracks and peals. Containing antiseptic properties, these pure products can be a healing agent for external mouth sores, cuts, blister and burns.

These all natural and organic product may assist with curing infectious skin and wounds external to the mouth.  When used regularly, they keep the lips soft and moist.



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